In the right welding operation, metal-cored wire can provide process improvements and simplify training, particularly if you have less-skilled welders.

Metal-cored welding wire is a composite tubular wire that consists of a metal sheath with a core of metallic powders and alloys. In many situations, this wire can increase your welding efficiencies and reduce overall costs compared to solid wires.

When should metal-cored wire be used?

Metal-cored wire is especially effective when used in heavy equipment, automotive, and general manufacturing applications, and is a good alternative to solid wire when welding 3- to 6-mm thick mild steel.

It can also help if you are experiencing challenges in your welding operation, such as:

  1. Poor fit-up, gaps or burn-through issues
  2. Inadequate side wall fusion
  3. High levels of scrap or rework
  4. Excessive time and money for pre- and post-weld cleaning
  5. Slow new welder training

To decide if metal-cored wire is right for you, it’s important to understand how the technology works and the key benefits it can provide.

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