MAXETA™ 5 Umhüllte Stabelektroden (SMAW) Unlegiert

MAXETA™ 5 is an acid-rutile iron powder electrode with 160% recovery, intended for the welding of general construction steels in the horizontal and
horizontal-vertical positions. The electrode is designed to give a fast burn-off
rate enabling the user to make extended run lengths and thereby produce
small fillet welds at high deposition rates.
It is particularly recommended for plate where the surface has been treated
with primer or contaminated by rust, mill scale, paint etc. Both the weld
appearance and transition with the base material are exceptionally smooth
and consistent, making MAXETA™ 5 a suitable choice when demands on fatigue resistance of the joint are high.







  • EN ISO 2560-A:
  • E 42 2 RA 73
  • AWS A5.1:
  • E7027


Beschichtungsart: Rutilsauer

Stromart: AC OCV > 65V ; DC+ ; DC-

Mechanische Eigenschaften:

  • AWS A5.1:
  • 480 MPa
  • Zugfestigkeit, Rm:
  • 540 MPa
  • Dehnung, A5:
  • 24%
  • Kerbschlagarbeit ISO-V KV J:
  • -20 °C · 70 J