P 47D Covered (Stick) Electrodes (SMAW) Unalloyed

P 47D is a basic double coated low hydrogen AC/DC electrode for welding
mild and medium tensile steels in all positions except vertical down. It has an
exceptionally stable arc making it particularly suitable for root passes. The
electrode can be used on small welding transformers with a low OCV and
operates with minimal spatter to deposit smooth weld beads featuring easy
slag detachability and excellent mitre fillet profile. P 47D is very easy to strike
and combines good metallurgical quality with extreme ease of use, making it
ideal for general repair and maintenance applications.


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  • EN ISO 2560-A:
  • E 42 2 B 12 H10
  • AWS A5.1:
  • E 7016

Welding Position:

Coating type: Basic

Welding Current: AC OCV > 55V; DC+

Mechanical properties:

  • Yield strength, Rp0.2%:
  • 465 MPa
  • Tensile strength, Rm:
  • 550 MPa
  • Elongation, A5:
  • 26%
  • Impact energy, CV:
  • -20 °C · 60 J