DRYPAC® – dry electrodes in any weather

With DRYPAC® you can rest assured that the electrodes are dry when you need them. They are vacuum packed in factory dry conditions and come in a moisture controlled paper tray. The package is resealable with a new kind of tape that provides extra protection for electrodes left in an opened DRYPAC®. The outer pack …

Keeping Filler Metals in Top Shape on the Job Site

As any contractor knows, most jobs sites are far from being clean, dry or orderly—at least for any length of time. Unfortunately, the environmental conditions on the average job site can wreak havoc on welding filler metals, and in turn on a contractor’s overall productivity and bottom line.

Damaged filler metals, whether they are stick electrodes, flux-cored wire (self-shielded or gas-shielded) or solid wire, can all cause poor weld quality, including porosity, cracking and a host of other weld discontinuities. Singularly or combined, these issues can lead to expensive and time-consuming rework. But that’s just the beginning.