Reduce Moisture-Absorption and Cracking Risks With Seamless Wires

Reducing the opportunity for moisture pickup — in the filler metal and deposited weld metal — is important in any welding operation, but especially in industries with more critical applications.

Controlling moisture helps minimize the risk of hydrogen-induced cracking in these demanding, high-strength applications, and with it costly repairs or potentially catastrophic weld failures.

Seamless wires can help in moisture-control efforts. These filler metals also offer excellent impact toughness, even at lower temperatures, and low hydrogen properties to further mitigate cracking risks.

What Are Stickout, Electrode Extension and Contact-Tip-To-Work Distance?

The most important material property is good toughness at low temperatures.

High Strength Steel Welding FAQs

As with any material, high strength steels require special attention when it comes to welding. To help, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the material and the process of welding it.