Welcome to the Elga
world of welding

It is 1938 in Gothenburg, Sweden when Carl Alfredson, a Swedish engineer, inventor and businessman dedicates his 20 years of welding experience to start his own company: AB El & Gassvetsning, our future Elga® brand, that will expand into the next century and millennium, keeping with consistent quality over the years.

As early as in the 1940s Elga’s first coated electrodes are produced, creating a limited range that shortly becomes one of the market leaders.

The 1950s heralds a move to Hedefors, a new production plant in Sweden, as an outcome of further expansion of Elga products in the post-war period of growing industrial activity.

Already in the 1960s, Elga creates a perfect match with Miller Electric, together being pioneers in promoting both MIG and TIG methods in Sweden.

In the 1980s a new location in Partille, Sweden is opened expanding production with an even wider range of Elga products, targeting new sectors. Electrodes dedicated to the off-shore sector and CROMAROD®, Elga’s first range of stainless-steel electrodes. Shortly after, welding wires are introduced to Elga range of products.

The new Millennium brings with it new opportunities, (2000) Elga is acquired by (ITW) Illinois Tool Works, an American giant, and becomes part of the ITW Welding portfolio, benefiting from common knowledge and experience. Other well-known welding brands of ITW – Miller® Electric, Hobart®, Bernard® and Tregaskiss® complement the full range of not only welding consumables, but also equipment, offering global solutions and solid performance.

Acquisition of a German factory in Altleiningen, Drahtzug Stein GmbH + Co. KG, best known for its seamless cored wires, MEGAFIL®, further enriches Elga’s already wide product range.

At the same time, the access to our own R&D facilities and laboratories around the world, with focused and dedicated efforts, shared knowledge, passion and the commitment result in launching new products.

We are aware that the development of good filler metals take time. Each day our products and formulas are maintained, improved and tested in laboratories at various stages, aiming to meet the most rigorous requirements.

Today under the Elga brand we offer an extensive range of high-quality welding filler metals, designed, developed and manufactured to satisfy the most demanding sectors, industries and segments.


80 years of Elga welding history