PROPAC contains many times the amount of wire than that on a standard spool. In robotized and mechanized welding, where the consumption of welding wire is high, PROPAC is the perfect choice. PROPAC means increased productivity and weld quality.

The environment friendly choice

PROPAC is made up of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard and after usage it can be folded flat for easy disposal and recycling.

Increased productivity

Down time on spool changes can be reduced by up to 90% with a 250kg PROPAC compared to a standard 15kg spool. All this time saved can be directly converted into an increased arc time factor, and thereby an increased productivity.

By using the PROPAC instead of spools the lifetime of the wire feed unit can be extended. The force needed to pull out the wire from a PROPAC is considerably less than that needed to rotate a 15 kg spool, thus putting less strain on the wire feed unit and drive motor.

Improved quality

With a significantly reduced number of spool changes, not only is productivity increased, but the number of rejects associated with interruptions to the welding process is also reduced.

Due to the special physical properties of the coiled wire in the PROPAC, it always exits the welding torch straight, providing excellent and reliable seam tracking and thereby improved weld quality.

Unlike spools, wire in PROPAC is always fully protected from external influences such as moisture, dirt, dust etc., which can cause problems with the welding process.