ELGACORE® MATRIX Metal Cored Arc Welding (MCAW) Unalloyed

ELGACORE® MATRIX is a revolutionary new metal-cored welding wire manufactured in our factory in Germany designed to provide maximum performance in both semi-automatic and automation/robot applications. The wire is manufactured with the most advanced technology in the industry to achieve unparalleled consistency. ELGACORE® MATRIX provides industry leading arc starting, as well as unrivaled feedability, good impact toughness at -40°C, superior metal-wetting ability, reduced silicon islands and an extremely stable arc. The wire is suitable for welding with M21 type shielding gas.

Watch manual application and robot application with ELGACORE® MATRIX metal-cored welding wire. Read more in ELGACORE® MATRIX brochure.


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  • EN ISO 17632-A:
  • T 46 4 M M21 3 H5
  • AWS A5.18:
  • E 70C-6M H4

Welding Position:

Welding Current: DC+

Mechanical properties:

  • Yield strength, Rp0.2%:
  • 515 MPa
  • Tensile strength, Rm:
  • 575 MPa
  • Elongation, A5:
  • 25%
  • Impact energy, CV:
  • -40 °C • 60 J