P 43 Covered (Stick) Electrodes (SMAW) Unalloyed

P 43 is a medium-coated rutile electrode intended for welding light to medium sections in mild steel.
The electrode operates with a very smooth arc and is suitable for all positions except vertical down. It is easy to strike and re-strike and produces a self-detaching slag leaving a finely rippled bead appearance.
With its excellent bead surface and smooth transition with the base material  P 43 is ideal for butt and fillet welding of sheet metal work.


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  • EN ISO 2560-A:
  • E 42 0 R 12
  • AWS A5.1:
  • E 6013

Welding Position:

Coating type: Rutile

Welding Current: AC OCV > 50V; DC+; DC-

Mechanical properties:

  • Yield strength, Rp0.2%:
  • 480 MPa
  • Tensile strength, Rm:
  • 550 MPa
  • Elongation, A5:
  • 24%
  • Impact energy, CV:
  • 0 °C · 50 J