Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on the whole society, we want to give a brief update on our actions.

First of all – we work as usual, though in a different way.

Our offices are open, orders are being processed and the production is continuing, so from our Customers’, Suppliers’ and Partners’ perspective nothing has changed. However, considering the safety of our employees, for those who can, we have encouraged them to work from home. For those, who cannot work remotely, we have implemented several precautionary measures in response to the situation. In our proactive work we have, among other things, increased our already high cleaning requirements in our premises. We follow all health and safety recommendations and work actively and regularly to take steps to create a safe environment for our employees.

We have also decided to limit the number of face to face contacts, therefore instead of visits, we will be happy to assist you via phone, skype or video conference. It will allow both you and us to keep in touch and minimize the negative impact of the current situation on the businesses while keeping the safety standards.

Furthermore, we have prepared a contingency plan, specifying the measures to be implemented in the case of a further spread – with direct impact on our business. Moreover, we have appointed a special group that follows daily developments and the guidelines from the authorities.

Keeping in mind our social responsibility, we are doing everything to protect the people – both in terms of health and their economic security.

We thank you for your understanding and assure you that we will do our utmost to limit disruptions this event brings to you and your business.

We will keep you informed if the situation changes.


ITW Welding Team